Price list with discounts for groups

Period:Wakeboard ticketWakeboard or skis*Helmet*Life jacket*CombinationsGroup discounts
BCEFB + C + E + F(10+ = 10 persons or more)
1 hour100,00 kn30,00 kn20,00 kn20,00 kn150,00 kn10+ 5%
2 hours130,00 kn50,00 kn30,00 kn30,00 kn250,00 kn20+ 10%
1 day210,00 kn100,00 kn50,00 kn50,00 kn400,00 kn30+ 20%
1 week1200,00 kn500,00 kn250,00 kn250,00 kn2100,00 kn40+ 30%
50+ 40 %


*Combination contains: Wakeboard ticket + Wakeboard or Skies+Helmet + Life Jacket

Group discounts are valid in case, that group uses tickets within one day (day or hour tickets) or in same week (weekly tickets). It is not possible to buy 10 or more tickets and to use them on different days or weeks.

Discounts will be charged at the cash desk at the Ski Lift Pag

Regular price list is published here

Price list and discounts are valid for wakeboard season 2017.