3rd wakeboard camp, final report

3.-camp-naslovnicaLast week we had 3rd wakeboard camp of the season at the cable Pag. The man in charge of the weather did a great job and we had a week full of sun, no wind and no clouds. First day the participants were split in groups based on their wakeboard experience and we talked about the goals and expectations of each one of them.

After that the beginners group faced their first starts aiming to make their first full round. The next group consisted of riders who already knew how to ride, but their task was to do it switch, learn ollies, surface spins and later on ollie 180s.
The experienced riders were divided in “obstacle” and “inverts” groups and started working on that already the first day as well. Each day was an hour of photo shooting and when we all got together in the evening we analyzed the photos and talked about the plans for the next days. I’d like to thank the whole crew (Jodl and Brane at the grill and all the other helpers) who organized and prepared everything for the delicious BBQ night.

The participants of the wakeboard camp were also invited to try the banana and tube riding after a boat (thank you Mario), and the last night we had a full moon night wake session.

This camp was also powered by Wake Lab Shop which gave CTRL test wakeboards and bindings, gave each participant a t-shirt and also some useful prizes for best riders in multiple categories. I would like to congratulate all the riders for their progress and thank the whole group for all the positive energy and for confirming the saying “if there is a will, there is a way”.
See you next time 🙂