4. wakeboard camp – report

The last wakeboard camp of the season came to an end. 31 eager participants was with us training new tricks in the second week of september. The weather made sure nobody was bored, we’ve had nice summer hot days with no wind and flat water, some rain and also some wind that made waves to keep things interesting. Learning tricks in a bit rough water makes them super easy on the flat.

Beginners tried to get the feeling for the starting, intermediate riders were training their switch riding and baisic tricks on the water and the advanced riders started with inverts and riding the obstacles. Everyone realized rather quickly that swimming is part of the sport and that progress comes from trying and faling and swimming and trying again, making every next attempt a bit better than the last. To regain the energy lost during the day we’ve had good food (and lots of it) in the evenings and one night we made a BBQ. Thanks to Jodl and Brane for griling all the food and all the others that helped preparing everything else.

Of course we also played ping pong, kicker, billiard and other fun activities until we were too tired to stand anymore and we crashed in our beds. It was fun and see you all next season!

4. wake camp-5865
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