A Postcard From Pag

Sad thing is the end of summer.
Length of days is getting shorter, days colder, sunshine rays are weaker.
Something in the air reminds me on the changes that are coming. The change of season.
Its the end of late nights out, adventures with friends, and the warm weather night’s. Everything, comes to an end.

Discos and pubs that were full of people during long summer
nights are now just a pale memory. A monument of the past.
No jams on ski lift.
In few days, the silent will rule here. Such is the cycle.
You can just enjoy the last run.

Till next year

A Postcard From Pag
End Of Summer 2016

Filmed on island Pag Croatia, in the last days of the summer and wakeboarding season.

Filmed with 50mm 1.4. Nikkor

Music : Tarrega Minor By Broque