Wakeboard Camps – More than just wakeboarding!

 I really like to escape from every day routine once in a while.

To go away from the environment that usually surrounds me.
And come back to this place.
To wait for the sunrise. To see what the day brings.
Hoping for sunny day. Clear sky.
To hang out with old friends. To see happy faces. And to meet crazy ones.
Just do  what you want. Have fun.
And enjoy in little things.
And even if we don’t know everything about each other, here, we are like family.
Everybody support each other and take care of another.
It almost feels like, we are at home.
And in the morning we go. And we fall. Again. Again. We swim. Get up. And try again.
And again. And in the end of the day.

By Tomaž Primon
1. wake camp 2015-7640

[youtube height=”480″ width=”835″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZJID05Xx6o[/youtube]

By Andrej Sergo1. wake camp 2015-7565 1. wake camp 2015-7571

1. wake camp 2015-8805 1. wake camp 2015-8846 1. wake camp 2015-9132 1. wake camp 2015-9213 1. wake camp 2015-9361 1. wake camp 2015-9431

Come and join us!