What is Wakeboard?

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Wakeboard began in the late 1990’s. It is a mixture of waterskiing and watersurfing. Wakeboard can be divided in two basic ways: riding behind the boat (boat wakeboarding) and riding on lift – skilift (cable wakeboard). Lately also wakeskating appeared, as well riding behind the boat or riding on lift. The difference is that wakeskate (board) is without bindings.

The sport is especially attractive and popular among young generation. There’s more than 130 skilifts all over the world, from which aroud 100 in Europe, mostly in Germany. Compared to riding behind the boat, skilifts are cheaper and environment friendly. There’s no noise nor sea pollution with exhausts or fuel discharge.

Skilift can pull up to 7 surfers or skiers and can reach 30 – 40km/h. The circle length is 600 meters. Maximum skilift speed is 80 km/h. The surfers can do tricks and acrobations just like as those at boat ride. They don’t use waves but they make the same effect with driving on the edge of surf, with cutting. Skilift is also very popular among wakeskaters. Their share here is up to 30%.


You can borrow all the necessary equipment here.

You will need board with bindings, life jacket (obligatory!) and surf pants.

The sport is very attractive both for surfers and viewers. Basics can be learned in a few hours. All information you need as a beginner you’ll get from our instructors..You can make a quick progress which will make you enjoy your active holiday even more.


We start from a raft connected to water lift. Traction is circled. Holder buckles up skiers or surfers cord and pulls him off starting point.

With begginners, falls are quite often but with strong will that’s really just at beggining.

The sport is very attractive and acquires more and more fans every year among young and older because it’s an excellent alternative for skiing and snowboarding.

It’s not so pretentious as it seems at first. Almost everyone who ever tried it can only say: